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Everyone’s a winner.
Guaranteed cash rewards on transactions.
AED 600,000 worth cash prizes to be won.
Each month, 2 lucky clients will win AED 100,000 cash prize.

Monthly Lucky Draws

You can qualify for monthly lucky draws:
DrawTransaction PeriodDraw DatesCash PrizesWinners
Monthly Draw 11st Jan to 31st Jan’2320th Feb’23AED 100,0002
Monthly Draw 21st Feb to 28th Feb’2320th Mar’23AED 100,0002
Monthly Draw 31st Mar to 31st Mar’2320th Apr’23AED 100,0002
Click here to view the results from the lucky draws.

How to increase your entries?

Transact more and earn more entries.
Online / Mobile Login1 entry for logging in to mobile / online banking during the month1
Addition of balances6 entries for every AED 3000 incremental balance6
Bill Payments3 entries for every bill payment transaction done through mobile / online banking3
Local currency payments (AED payments)3 entries for every local currency payment done through mobile / online banking3
International currency payments (Foreign currency payments)6 entries for every International money transfer payment (SWIFT or Quick Remit) done through mobile / online banking6
Debit card spends3 entries for every NeoBiz debit card transaction of AED 300 or more3

Earn cash rewards

Transact to qualify for cash rewards.*
TransactionApplicable conditions
Online/Mobile Login AED 3.00 cash reward per month for Online / Mobile log in (maximum AED 3.00 per month)
Bill PaymentAED 3.00 cash reward for every Bill payment/Local/ International money transfer transaction through mobile / online banking
Local Money transfers (AED payments)
International Money transfers (Foreign currency payments only)
Debit Card SpendsAED 3.00 cash reward per month for every Debit card transaction of AED 300 done using NEOBiz Debit card
*Maximum reward of AED 30 per client, during campaign period.

Don't have an existing Mashreq NEOBiz Account